COVID-19 Update

We are open! However, there are certain guidelines in place from the Arkansas Government for gym members. Such as: 

Face coverings when not actively exercising.

Sanitize equipment after each use, especially handles.

12-foot distancing while working out

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (501) 701-4117 or send us a message on our website/FaceBook page


Welcome to Hollywood Athletics & Wellness!

Real Fitness, Real Results.

Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at Hollywood Athletics & Wellness LLC. Our state-of-the-art facility and fully-equipped training rooms offer a workout experience in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere. Hollywood Athletics & Wellness LLC employs certified and experienced trainers who are always on-hand and ready to help our clients have a top notch training experience every time.


About our Facility

Hollywood Athletics & Wellness LLC has been changing lives all over Hot Springs since we were established in 2018. We believe that fitness is not a hobby, but a way of life. We founded our 15,000 square foot facility to be the second home for all of our customers. Whether you exercise everyday or you’ve never stepped into a gym before, Hollywood Athletics & Wellness can help shape the new you. We want to be your next workout partner. Call us today!

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Hours of Operation

Staffed Hours:

Monday-Friday - 8:30am-8:00pm

Saturday - 8:30am-1:00pm

Membership key card access:

7-Days a week - 5:00am-12:00am

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Join a Fitness Class


Paddle-boarding, biking, and Hiking

Along with our indoor classes, we offer outdoor fitness classes! We teach beginner paddle board, biking (road and mountain) and hiking classes! We also have boards and bikes for rent. Contact us at (501) 701-4117 for more information!

Hollywood Cycling!
Kangoo Club Hot Springs!

Kangoo Jump

Is an explosive, highly motivating program specifically designed to challenge the entire body by building muscular strength and cardio - respiratory endurance at the same time. Absorb 80% of impact with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes. Benefits include joint protection, injury prevention, marathon training, weight loss, rebound therapy for Autistic  individuals, improved bone mass, more energy/less stress, improved posture, increased cardiovascular endurance. Shoes are Available to purchase/rent.

Indoor Cycling

Hop on one of our 16 indoor cycling bikes and get your cardio on! This hour class includes fresh music, a plethora of challenging hills, jumps, and sprints to ignite the fire in your thighs and lungs! We focus on target heart rate zones, and incorporate core workouts towards the end of the class!

Keep an eye out for our special twists on our cycling classes such as: Karaoke, Barre, and outdoors! 

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Operation F.I.T Bootcamp

Is a super circuit incorporating cardio/strength training intervals in a bootcamp style setting. This 60 minute class is great for all fitness levels, and builds teamwork and makes you feel like a total bad a*s when you complete it! 

We like to put competitive twists on this boot camp every now and then, as well as have some pretty awesome partner exercises!

Yoga/Chair Yoga

Our yoga classes are an hour long and are beginner/intermediate level. They include multiple poses that increase core strength, flexibility, and balance, and reducing your stress levels! Our chair yoga classes are even easier on joints, and are great for people who have limitations that prevent them from doing standard yoga!



 For anyone looking to build strength. True Grit will get you lean and toned incorporating barbell and plates to work all the major muscles. From glutes, hamstrings, back & quads to chest, shoulders, biceps & triceps, this 60 minute class will leave you feeling challenged and motivated for more. Great for all fitness levels as True Grit burns calories, shapes and tones the entire body, increases core strength and improves overall bone health.

Jen-T's class motto: If it's sizzlin', you're chiselin'!

Hip 'N' Fit!

An instructor supervised senior exercise class utilizing weight machines and cardio machines, with functional exercises worked in. This class is for those who want to have a steady routine that maintains bone density, prevents falls, and keeps their cardiovascular system healthy!

On the Treadmill

Our Classes and some of our Awesome Members!

Kangoo Jump Class w/instructors Lawanda & Jen-T
Little Rock Bike class with instructors John Alexander and Jonah Jericho!
Outdoor Challenge from our Biggest Winners Contest
True Grit with instructor Jen-T
Yoga class with instructor Frances!
Indoor Cycling Class with Instructor Jonah Jericho!
Spin class with instructor Jonah Jericho!
Paddle board class with instructors John Alexander and Jonah Jericho!
Paddle board class on the lake!
Paddle board class at the fish hatchery!

Group Fitness Schedule

Drop into any class for $5.00

(Excludes Kangoo Jump; $5.00 drop-in fee, and $5.00 Boot Rental fee)

Operation F.I.T W/Jonah: Monday, 5:45pm (15 Person Limit)

FitRemix W/Jennifer: Tuesday/Thursday, 5:45pm (12 Person Limit)

Yoga W/John: Monday, Wednesday, 5:45pm (6 Person Limit)

Indoor Cycling W/Barb: Wednesday 4:30pm (6 Person Limit) 

Crunches & Curls W/Barb: Wednesday, 9:30am (12 Person Limit)

R.I.P.P.E.D. W/Malissa: Wednesday 5:45pm (12 Person Limit) 

Hip 'N' Fit W/Jonah & Malissa: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30am

*Please call and reserve a spot for all classes, as they are limited in number of participants.*


Membership Options For You

Initiation fee 75% off! Normally a $100.00 fee!



This individual member ship includes: 5:00am - 12:00am club access, four free fitness orientations, and free group fitness classes.



This family memberships includes up to (5) people from the same household, 5:00am - 12:00am club access, free child care (normally $5.00 fee each visit), four free fitness orientations, and free group fitness glasses.


Corporate Individual

Includes everything from the standard individual membership, but is a discount to qualifying businesses. Call our desk at (501) 701-4117 for more information!


Corporate Family

Includes everything from the standard family membership, but is a discount to qualifying businesses. Call our desk at (501) 701-4117 for more information!


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Free Fitness Orientations

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